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Obey Your Body J413 Bio Magnetic Face Mask


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Directions for use: Apply the mask on a clean dry face by gently massaging sufficient amount of the magnet mask in soft circular movements. Do not apply around the eyes and avoid contact with lips, nose and eyes. Leave mask on face for 5 – 10 minutes to allow natural oils to be absorbed. Remove the mask by using a tissue to cover the magnet and then move it along your face. The mask will slowly pull away from your face by attaching the mask to the magnet block. After the entire mask is removed, your face may feel oily. Use the cleanser milk with a cotton ball to clean any residue of the mask from your face. Finish by washing face and lightly drying with a towel. The mask is recommended for all skin types except skin that is affected by acne. Do not apply mask on irritated skin with open pimples, acne, broken skin or open wounds. An interval of at least three days must be maintained between each treatment.



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