I think most of us know the benefits of regularly using a face mask to remove impurities or to rehydrate the skin but why use a magnetic face mask?

Ease of Application and Removal

With the old style face mask, you would have to wet your face, apply the mask, leave it and remove it with some form of wipe and loads of water. Some of them stick like glue and removing them is very difficult.

For a magnetic face mask you apply a thin, even layer with the spatula which comes with the mask and leave it for about five minutes but it’s the removal that’s the clever bit. A magnet with some sort of handle is provided; wrap a piece of plastic wrap over the magnet and hold it over the mask while hovering it gently over your face. You don’t even need to touch the mask and the magnet will just suck it off in pieces. When the magnet won’t collect any more mask, just pull the piece of plastic up over the debris and throw it away. Use another piece of plastic wrap or a plastic bag and continue the process. You’ll be amazed!

Make sure that you use quite strong plastic and never let the mask touch the magnet or you’ll have a terrible time trying to clean the magnet. Some masks recommend the use of a paper tissue but this can be fraught with difficulties if the tissue splits, so stick with the plastic or strong paper towel and use a double layer.

Benefits of a Magnetic Mask

Depending on the brand, magnetic face masks contain all sorts of concentrated plant materials and/or minerals from the sea. These are mixed with one or several oils to aid application and moisturising. The oil remains on the face after removal of the magnetic mixture and can be gently rubbed in or removed as required.

The ingredients are intended to purify, clean and reduce the appearance of pores, clear away dead skin cells and leave the skin nourished and hydrated.

Many people report rejuvenated skin feeling very, very soft.

Disadvantages of a Magnetic Mask

There seem to be few disadvantages to using a magnetic face mask but these are:

Time: Depending on brand, you need to leave the mask in place from three to ten minutes and although you don’t need to use water, the removal process can take up to fifteen minutes because you can only clean about a quarter of your face with one piece of plastic or paper towel before the magnet is full and won’t remove any more mask.

Cost: Again it depends which brand you use but magnetic face masks can be pricey.

However, in general, the deep cleansing and moisturising effects of a magnetic face mask outweigh the disadvantages.


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