Infrared Electric Heated Magnetic Therapy Mask 220V



How to use :

  • Clean face , clean cream or soft mask , stickers on disposable paper mask , good product . 30-year-olds
  • Plug plug in socket .
  • Intensity of selection mode controller temperature strength , temperature strength have for choice multistage , advice to open to four to seven grade , ( transfer too high will possibly overheating skin scald ) , when the controller on the cover recandescence , beauty mask have to enter heated state , heated 3 5 after minutes to enter the constant temperature .
  • You every day use only beauty mask 20 minutes or 30 minute . during use facial normal fever , please have more water supplement with 60of , use after use facial cleanser face wash , diastole pores let get clean , then use lotion pores , use stick , you will face skin quality is ameliorated .
  • Advice & week 2 mdash . 4 times .


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